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Sustainability Reporting as Anchor for Innovation

The emerging 'sustainability reporting' movement has begun and is growing in leaps and bounds. This process can be much more than a way to report how a company is doing regarding sustainability. More so, it becomes the anchoring point for defining what and how new forms of innovation witll emerge within the organization. Sound strategic methods for managing and accessing sustainability reporting information will become crucial for generating 'whole system' innovation within and across organizations.

From GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)

Sustainability reports are produced in so many different formats – hardcopy, web based, PDFs and others – that it is sometimes hard to immediately find the data you’re looking for. Common application of the XBRL taxonomy will change this and means information can quickly and effortlessly be exchanged.

Podcasts on XBRL and Sustainability

Sustainability Reporting Resources Below -

Sustainability Reporting Management
CSR Reporting Register

Case Study Reviews:
Case Studies

Reporting Notices/Alerts:
CSR New Reports Alert
CSR conferences & events
GRI (global reporting initiative) enewsletter

Climate and resource dependencies:
California Climate Action Registry
Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
Oxford Health Alliance


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