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What is 'Whole System' Innovation? To begin ...

inKNOWvate's primary focus is on creating deep systemic innovation.

To do this, inKNOWvate is using the internationally recognized 'triple bottom line' model in a very different way than most. (For example, ‘economy’ does not directly correlate to finance or money. However, the interdependencies between economy, ecology, and equity does correlate to a broader monetary comprehension and use.) Additionally, inKNOWvate uses a set of other descriptive models with the goal of initiating and creating new forms of wholistic innovation. Although important, sustainability itself is not the objective; but rather creating integrated 'wholesytem' innovation. Then establish a relationship with that innovation to a symbol of exchange (currency or money) that reflects triple bottom line value.

Here’s some innovation-currency related concepts to consider:
Defining Whole System Innovation
Six Point Organizing Architecture
Triple Bottom Line Management Framework
Seventeen Domains of Community Design and Development
Regenerative Commerce

Vic Desotelle
inKNOWvate Founder
WholeSystemInnovation: inKNOWvate's New Website coming soon
inKNOWvate Research Modeling


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